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How has your firm been impacted with Coronavirus? Whether it's been moving data to the "Cloud", increasing their VPN capabilities or keeping everything secure as they extend the reach of their user footprint, we have been right there, helping our clients however their needs require.

Need to keep everyone in touch, how about "Teams" or a "Zoom" account? We've been able to help our clients keep their employee's meeting "face to face" by rolling out various video conferencing solutions. Zoom is a popular solution working well with the individual computer but also offering "Zoom Room" all in one solutions for the employees still needing to be in the office. For those with active O365 accounts we're finding that Teams is filling that need at little or no additional cost depending upon your subscription plan.

How about making sure everyone has access to the same data? VPN, sure, how about implementing a multi-factor authentication, you can even use existing SmartPhones. Want to move your data to the "Cloud", we've got you covered. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google, or even a personal Cloud solution such as Synology Drive, we can help you set up and maintain the option that works best for you.

Everyone taking their laptops home? Great! How about encrypting the drives? Windows 10 Pro allows you to encrypt your entire hard drive by using "BitLocker". An easy process, BitLocker adds a boot-time password to allow your entire drive to be encrypted.

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