What's New

4Q 2010

It's been a banner year for the Charlie Bravo Group and we'd like to thank all of our clients and vendors that made this possible! Without our client's success we would be nothing. Thank you all.

3Q 2010

TalkSwitch Authorized Partner! Adding to our portfolio of phone systems targeted towards small to mid-sized companies, we've added a wonderful new IP enabled phone vendor, TalkSwitch!  These systems allow complete flexibility in how your system is deployed, even allowing office extensions to work at your home or through your smart phone!

1Q 2010

Cymphonix Authorized! Content filtering, bandwidth shaping and application control are combined into a single, powerful and eminently manageable appliance.  From a simple plug and play solution to a granular, multi-layered policy integrated into your Active Directory, Cymphonix Network Composers will out perform your expectations.

4Q 2009

Lenovo Authorized! We're pleased to announce that the Charlie Bravo Group is now fully authorized to sell Lenovo laptops, desktops and servers. Top quality machines built on a legacy of performance and support.

3Q 2009

Not unaffected by the downturn in the economy, a long time relationship client, Lance Kaplan Stone Network Solutions (SNS), has defaulted on several invoices and has now filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

1Q 2009

We would like to welcome Rebecca "Becky" Dinwiddie to our Operations staff.  Becky will be helping us behind the scenes in the unenviable job of keeping everything organized, all our I's dotted and I believe she'll even be crossing our T's as well.  Welcome aboard Becky!

3Q 2008

The Charlie Bravo Group is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring a local RC Fly-In this fall featuring All classes of RC planes as well as electric and nitro Heli classes.  There will be pilot competitions, scale judging, aerobatics displays, free flying times as well as candy drops for the kids.  Please ask your sales representative if you are interested.  See you there!

2Q 2008

Our "Managed Services" are now year old and we'd like to thank our clients that have taken advantage of our first offerings.  As the year has progressed, so has our offerings.  Now with full remote Exchange support via secured HTTP services you and your company can take complete advantage of an Enterprise messaging system from anywhere, any time and with full security.  You can now even use your own Windows Mobile powered SmartPhones!!

1Q 2008

BridgeWave Authorized!!  We're pleased to announce our newest addition to our wireless line of business.  With BridgeWave, the Gigabit Wireless Bridge market leader, we can now offer our clients a replacement to costly fiber runs.  Ask your sales rep how a BridgeWave device can connect your locations at full duplex Gigabit speeds.

August, 2007

Novell Linux Sales and Technical Specialists! Cisco VOIP Sales and Technical Specialists! What a month!!!

July, 2007

We would like to announce the addition of our Virtual PBX offering to our Virtual Office line of services.   Want a professional phone system without the cost or hassle?  With services such as FREE interoffice location calling (no matter where!), DID lines, fax support, caller ID, voicemail, wireless handsets, CO hunt groups and cell phone dial-backup, it's a perfect match for any SMD need!  The phones themselves are portable*, your extension goes where you go whether that be home, vacation or the Cafe down the street!

Call today to see how we cancustomize this offering to meet your needs.

March, 2007

FatPipe Authorized!  Please ask your sales representative on how router clustering (WAN RAIDing, DNS backup and line redundancy) can help your business!  It's much easier than you thought and more economical than you could have hoped for.

April, 2007

Please welcome Chris Jenson to our Corporate Sales department!  Chris comes from an HP and IBM house and can help you with your strategic refreshing and leasing needs.

May, 2007

Speaking of HP, we are a fully Authorized HP Business Reseller!  Looking to replenish your desktops?  Does your Sales force need the newest generation of light and powerful laptops or do you need a new server for that hot new app?  Ask your rep how an HP Business Solution can handle your needs now and in the future.

By leaps and bounds this month!  We would like to welcome Penny Nagberg to our Accounting department.  Penny will be taking over Payables and Receivables.  I'm sure you will be as happy with her as we already are!

Did someone say Managed Services?  Ask your account rep about our new offerings today.  We've just inked an agreement that will allow us redundant management and hosting facilities in several, highly divergent, locations.  From a local data center in your backyard to a center in the South, to the Midwest and out to the West Coast.  Why take a chance with your data, it's only your business you're dealing with!